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Mobile repeaters are not illegal! Repeaters authorised by the relevant Australian carriers such as Telstra, Optus or Vodafone are not illegal. See Wikipedia - Cellular Repeater - Regulation in Australia for more detail. How do I know if the mobile repeater is legit? At the time of writing this, Powertec Telecommunications P\L, other than the carriers, Authorised the Cel-Fi Repeaters to be used on their networks. It is unlikely that other consumer repeaters on the market are authorised. If in doubt contact the carrier. Unfortunately Optus, Telstra and Vodafone do not list any approved repeater list on their web site, despite attempts to encourage both the Communications Minister and the Carriers to list them for simplicity and to assist consumers in purchasing legitimate repeaters.  Here are some contact numbers you can try to verify: Optus - Tel: 133 937 - Telstra - Tel: 13 22 00 - Vodafone - Tel: 1300 650 410 - Buyer beware! There are are web sites, including ones listed on Google Adwords, eBay and other online seller platforms that mislead buyers into purchasing illegal repeaters, as they will not be authorised by Australian Carriers. Don’t be duped by the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone logos on their web pages either. These cheeky sellers are off-shore and use VoIP or Skype with an Australian Telephone Number and fake Aussie business addresses to create the perception that their business and intentions are legit. Legitimate repeater installers and resellers, such as Proeye, gets you approval from the Carrier as part of the purchase process, and can meet with you in person face to face! As a buyer, make your own independent verification check with the carrier, to ensure that both the product and authorisation process by the carrier is legit and they are able to possess and operate the repeater. As part of the purchase process, the  buyer is required to provide their name, address, contact number and the address where the mobile repeater is to be used. Which carriers allow Mobile repeaters? Telstra, Optus and Vodafone will authorise the use of certain Cel-Fi mobile repeaters. Not all Cel-Fi models are approved for Australia.  The Cel-Fi Repeaters can be under different brand names such as the Telstra Smart Antenna. Sold as a white unit.   Why use a mobile phone repeater! Mobile phone networks were designed to provide coverage to people outdoors and on the move. However, advancements in mobile phone technologies and the emergence of Smartphones, people are increasingly relying on mobile phone access everywhere they go. Mobile phone service indoors can be poorly, therefore complementing base station access technologies such as femto and pico cells were developed to extend coverage to indoor environments. Both Pico and Femtocells rely on the carrier extending its network into the premise and they rely on the users internet connection as back-haul to deliver the service to the end-user. Mobile repeaters are the third complementary indoor solution available to end- users, because Pico and Femto cells don’t work if internet connections are poorly, or the user doesn’t want to rely on the internet access. Mobile Phone Repeaters can easily extend the carriers network into the home. Benefits of mobile phone repeaters! Once mobile phone reception in the home is improved with a mobile phone repeater, the users phone will not transmit as much power to communicate, conserving battery power and reducing radiation effects to the user. Other benefits include increased broadband access speeds, and a reduction in missed calls. The CelFi RS2 is a 3G repeater. However the upcoming Cel-Fi Pro is a 4G Repeater. Do I need an external antenna! An external antenna will likely improve indoor mobile signal coverage. The Cel- Fi repeater system will increase its output power if the isolation between the external and indoor signal is increased. Thus the end-user coverage is enhanced. Health effects, and radiation! The Cel-Fi Mobile phone repeaters are radiocommunications devices. They operate at lower power levels in comparison to a mobile base station, however they are subject to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Compliance and Labelling Arrangements which includes electromagnetic radiation requirements. Mobile repeaters use similar technologies like Wi-Fi and cordless phones. Concerned persons should make further inquiries and fully self inform themselves about radiation and repeaters before proceeding to purchase.    ACMA information The ACMA can provide legislative information about Mobile Repeaters and the electromagnetic radiation requirements.  The ACMA web            Cel-Fi Antenna Installations
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Why use Proeye Proeye can assist buyers in the approval process with the carrier, supply and install repeater system. Proeye is a reseller, installer and researcher into mobile telecommunications. We have a really good grasp on the technical operation of the Cel-Fi repeater and how to optimise its performance in difference situations. Whether its one repeater or 20 of them, we have a team of professionals across Australia to assist in different types of deployments. We have studied the operation of current available Cel-Fi repeaters and applied new and amazing concepts to install Cel-Fi Repeaters where others cannot or failed. Technical expertise and appropriate tools Our strong technical technical expertise, tools of the trade such as spectrum analysers, drones, and people network across a number of regions allows us to install repeater systems more effectively.  Purchased the repeater from another seller? No problem, we are still able and willing to help if you purchased the repeater from another supplier!  Proeye has over 20 Years experience in the Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Security Electronics industry. If you have any questions, regarding purchase, or technical info, please feel free to contact us!
The Cel-Fi Repeater:  Is the only Aussie legit repeater for use by the end-user. Improves coverage. Is mobile network friendly. Is a 3G Repeater. Improves your mobile 3G Voice and Data. Has an optional external antenna port. Can be easily installed by the end user.
What is a mobile Phone Repeater (Mobile Repeater) A mobile repeater is currently defined as fixed radiocommunications device  designed to regenerate or replicate a mobile phone signal. Mobile repeaters are designed for the purpose of extending and improving  coverage to areas where service was previously not possible due to the surrounding environmental conditions (such as indoor or underground parts of a building, or new real-estate developments where mobile base stations are far and few). A mobile phone repeater operates within apparatus or spectrum licensed radio-frequency bands designated as Public Mobile Telephone Service Bands (PMTS). Mobile repeaters are also used and managed by mobile carriers as part of their general network, and authorised under its PMTS licence. Subscribers (mobile phone end users) wanting to use a mobile repeater must (with the exception of a passive mobile repeater) obtain permission from the relevant mobile carrier under a third-party arrangement. Subscribers that operate a mobile repeater without that mobile carrier’s permission, runs the risk of causing harmful interference to the mobile network, other  mobile networks, and users of spectrum, which may cause financial loss or even worse put someone’s safety at risk! Types of repeaters on the market There are two types types of repeaters on the market today, Active Repeaters and Passive Repeaters. Active repeaters are powered devices and sometimes referred to as a booster (however they are technically not a booster). They work by regenerating or amplifying the phone signal. People refer to repeaters and boosters as the same thing, however boosters connect to a mobile phone by a physical cable, a repeater does not. Passive Repeaters are devices which are not powered that regenerate, or reflect the phone signal.  Passive repeaters do not provide very little coverage because only a small portion of the signal is captured and regenerated without any amplification.      
  Cel-Fi Pro The 3G and 4G Mobile Phone Repeater
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   Cel-Fi`Go Repeater: Excellent for domestic, commercial, industrial and medical environments. Cel-Fi Go can improve mobile coverage by using multiple indoor antenna systems also known as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to fill in dead spots, and improve on indoor signal coverage in comparison to other repeaters. Improve your  3G or 4G reception now.
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