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IPhones and Cel-Fi Android Phone On Android Phones go to settings, go to About Device and click on Status. On the status page it will list the signal strength in dBm. If the phone is 3G and 4G, y it will most likely display the 4G signal level and refer to LTE as the Mobile Network Type. In 3G mode the Network type shall be CDMA or WCDMA.
Optimal Phone Signal for Cel-Fi The Optimal input signal for Cel-Fi repeaters are as follows -50dBm to -90 dBm RSRP in 4G -50 dBm to -90 dBm RSCP in 3G The Cel-Fi RS250, RS218 and Pro Repeaters use 5GHz, Class Licence Spectrum in Australia to link between the Window ans Coverage Units. The repeaters use only a small portion of that spectrum which can be subject to interference from other devices such as Wi-Fi or other Cel-Fi Repeaters. If the interference cannot be resolved we have Cel-Fi enhancers which can solve most problems.   The new Cel-Fi Go repeater is a fully cabled system which will not be reliant on5GHz linking. Therefore where interference from 5GHz sources are high, Cel-Fi Go may be ideal. Bluetooth to your Repeater   You can connect to your Cel-Fi Go and Pro Repeaters to configure and retrieve diagnostic data to see its performance or nut out any issues such as interference poor or too much input signal, or poor input signal quality. The diagnostic tool sets these repeaters above the rest of its non-compliant competitors. For example the repeater can report on the number of channels it sees from surrounding base stations, the quality of that signal and how much amplification it applied. Below is a screen shot from an Optus Repeater  
  Cel-Fi Pro The 3G and 4G Mobile Phone Repeater
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Telstra Channels
System Gain Applied
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Basic Overview
5GHz link data
The screen shots here are from a Cel-Fi Pro Repeater. The first picture, Left, illustrates a basic overview of the repeater performance. The repeater was receiving 3 Bars out of 5 and repeating both 3G and 4G. The diagnostic screen below show some of the the detailed data which is very useful in achieving maximum performance and resolving issues. This is one of the primary reasons why Nextivity, the makers of Cel-Fi, received national acceptance of it’s repeaters globally. The are network friendly, and their new range of repeaters provide outstanding resource to achieve optimal performance and control from the Cel-Fi Repeaters. 
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Wi-Fi Analyzer
Cel-Fi Pro overview screen shots