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Italian TV Installation 

Important: Satellite broadcasts and content may change at any time, therefore it is important

that the user informs themselves before proceeding in obtaining a satellite dish installation.

Proeye Communications and Security Systems (Proeye) will not take responsibility for satellite

program content, or changes made beyond our control, such as poor reception caused by

changes made to the broadcast or from interference by other services.

Proeye uses and recommends GLOBOX satellite receivers which decode MPEG-4, MPEG-2, SD & HD with multiple outputs, HDMI, RCA and High Output TVRF to allow ease of installation in all situations. Our receivers support video distribution via existing TV Antenna systems which allows end users to watch RAI program on any TV connected to the existing antenna system.  

RAI - satellite free to air TV reception

Proeye provides installation of Satellite TV reception equipment to receive Italian TV services to

Melbourne residents.  A number of Italian TV broadcasts can now be received by Satellite and

internet TV. 

Free to Air Satellite - RAI International RAI can be received by using a large 1.8 meter to 2.4 meter satellite dish in most parts of Melbourne Victoria.  Most installations provided by Proeye are based on using a 2.3 meter Heavy Duty Satellite dish that is installed, either on a house roof, garage or on the ground. Proeye recommends at least a 2.3 meter dish because the satellite signal is weak, and smaller satellite dishes more frequently suffer reception problems due to elements such as wind and rain. The cost of the heavy duty dish outweighs the cost and reliability of the smaller ones used by competitors, which is based on dish performance, reliability and maintenance.

Telepace - satellite free to air TV reception

Telepace is currently broadcast on the Optus D2 Satellite as a free to air broadcast. The satellite dish recommended by Proeye is an 80cm Ku Band Offset dish. Other satellite installers use smaller 60cm satellite dishes, however they are more susceptible to service loss caused from rain, high winds etc.  The cost of the 80cm dish provides value for money when comparing the cost and labour component in these satellite dish installations.

Italian- satellite pay TV reception

Proeye offer satellite TV equipment installation and can assist with applications to receive pay TV organisations such as World Media International.

Italian- internet TV reception

Proeye uses registered telecommunications cablers, and a well versed in telecommunications technologies to assist in internet cabling and setting up smart TV’s and computers to receive internet free and pay TV services. A number of free to air internet TV channels are available to viewers to enjoy some of the free and subscription based Italian TV services.  We draw on our combination of technical knowledge, experience, and qualifications to ensure the job is done right the first time! Give us a call on latest pricing and specials.  
Proeye Communications & Security Systems 	Italian TV Safety is priority! We use protective clothing including safety glasses, safety harnesses, padded knee pants, high visibility vests, hard hats etc. This 85cm offset dish was fitted with anti bird spikes.  The spikes stop birds roosting on the dish and cause bird droppings to cath on the dish face. Bird droppings on the dish can affect signal performance and reduces the life of the dish.