An enjoyable hobby becomes a professional business venture! Proeye has been in the Broadcasting, Internet, Telecommunications, and Security Electronics business since 1999, specialising in a whole range of  services, and are up to date with the latest technologies to provide you with effective solutions to meet your requirements. Education, research, and investment in technology has enabled the business to provide current and well suited solutions for digital and satellite TV reception, security systems, and a variety of telecommunications infrastructure and cabling in the home and business to be ready and make use of super fast broadband. Satellite TV reception has been the most challenging and rewarding. We continue to provide support and solutions to enable end-users to be able to receive satellite TV. We draw upon our combined experience and technical expertise in radiocommunications to identify and and apply solutions to interference issues, installations issues, and in some situations planning issues regarding dish location or siting. Our satellite customer base consists, but are not limited to, clients receiving Italian, French, Spanish, German, Greek and Indian digital broadcasts. Satellite dish’s usually range from 65 cm up to 2.4 meters in diameter. Digital television is another challenging area where we draw upon our radio broadcast knowledge, qualifications including the government endorsement scheme, engineering and technical understanding of the evolving digital environment. These new broadcast signals containing digital content, require consideration to signal levels, bit error rates, and interfering signals, which we account for, to ensure that the viewer achieves the quality of experience (QoE) as expected from digital TV broadcasts. Ongoing research of technology advancements has enabled the business to be well placed in understanding the converging digital environment,  essentially using internet protocol (IP) based platforms. Legacy devices, services and applications, including intercoms, telephony and television are increasingly being replaced by the digital IP world of things. The business provides solutions and undertakes installations to enable applications and services to use this digital IP platform. NBN Co and other fibre to the premise (FTTP) providers will enable a variety of retail services providers (RSP’s) to supply end user’s access to current and emerging services and applications to enhance liveability, thus connecting more people together globally. Services and applications include but are not limited to video conferencing, eHealth, online shopping, an evolving and improving government and citizen interaction, security ...  The business is built on a wealth of experience, qualifications and credentials to assist in providing timely advice and quality services. Where to from here: Ongoing research of developing technologies, standards, emerging products, to provide informative advice and current quality systems to meet customers needs and budget, and to provide input to government and industry for the public benefit. The web site will publish informational papers, submissions to stakeholders including government, which also provides an overview  to our current and prospective clients of the issues, services, and technologies.  We also seek to address issues, and influence industry with our technical papers and submissions.  
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