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Sesnor Network Detection
Recent developments by a a US company, Xandem, developed a wireless mesh network of nodes that together form a radio field detection area which senses the movement of objects within. 
OVERVIEW Xandem's is a Tomographic Motion Detection (TMD) system. A number of nodes (devices) are placed around a given area to detect movement by detecting changes in the radio signals between them when a moving object passes the area of detection. A tomographic detection system has advantages over traditional Passive Infra-red (PIR) or combined PIR and microwave detectors because the detection area can be increased in a two dimensional and three plane. Some advatanges of Xandem Detection systems Xandem be set-up in a cubic configuration to cover large factories or buildings top to bottom. Sensitivity can be selected to reduce false alarms. Radio Jamming detection triggers a second set of relay contacts to report problem to monitoring station. Senses motion through gyp-rock, timber walls and other non metallic light weight materials. Easy integration to security systems. Multi trigger option within detection period to reduce false alarms. Adjustable reaction time. Sensors can remain hidden, out of sight. Ideal in cluttered environments, such as storage facilities, whilst traditional PIR  Microwave systems fail.     
PHD Project Goes Commercial Tomographic detection for location tracking
External area detection
TMD - Tomographic Motion Detection
Basic overview - by the founder of Xandem
Internal Detection
False Alarm Immunity
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