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Telephone Installation! Business Solutions Home Solutions Internet Cabling Pay TV Cabling for your premise  Telephone Wiring with Alarm and DSL VoIP installation and configuration Increase your phone capacity by integrating VoIP Home Network Set-up Upgrade your old Telephone wiring
DUET    SWITCH    1     allow    most fax    and    modem    equipment    to operate       with       the       Telstra FaxStream   Duet   service.   DUET SWITCH    1    Provides    for    fully automatic   fax   reception,   just   like having a separate line.
DUET      SWITCH      2       provides additional   features    that   will   allow all    Fax    and    Modem    devices    to operate   with   the   FaxStream   Duet service.   This   model   also   provides a     number     of     useful     additional facilities,    including    the    ability    to receive    Fax    Calls    that    may    be sent to your normal number.
FAX SWITCH 1 allows your Fax (or Fax/Modem) equipment to receive fax's automatically on your telephone line, using proven and  popular VOICE PRIORITY method. Voice Priority is ideal for occasional fax reception. It will operate with your existing telephones and also an answering machine. Simple five minute Installation, just plug this device into any telephone socket on your line
FAX    SWITCH    2     allows    your    existing Fax     equipment     to     connect     to     your Single    Telephone    line    or    a    Multi    Line Private   Branch   Exchange   (PBX)   phone system.    It    can    use    the    traditional    fax switch   method   where   your   telephones do   not   ring   before   a   fax   is   received.   It can    operate    with    existing    telephones and    an    answering    machine.    Requires technical installation in some cases.
Connect     two     phones     lines     Telstra, Optus,   VOIP,   ISDN   or   Tie   Line)   to   one or     more     telephones,     fax     machines, modem,     cordless     phones,     answering machine     or     any     phone     equipment. Receive   incoming   calls   from   either   line. Dial out out from either line.
Analogue Telephone Switch Solutions Telephone switch solutions can help reduce line rental or make better use of the telephone line, such as sharing a Phone, a Fax and EFTPOS machine! Simple set-up or we can install and configure the following Phone switch solution for you. Interested contact us for more information or prior to ordering to ensure stock availability! Note: Postage on small items are $10, and large $18.
IP Telephone Business Solutions Low International Rates Voicemail to email feature Virtual Fax feature - all your inbound fax by email Conference calling Use your broadband connection for Telephone Calls
Compact, slim & stylish design Digital Color 7" Widescreen LCD Hands-free VDP Supports up to 2 screens, 2 door strikes, 1 camera On Screen Display (OSD) - Call, Monitor, Talk, Door Open, and LCD settings are visible on screen Ultra low power consumption Easy & simple installation with only 2 wires, no polarity Diagnostic tone and message in case of wrong connection, disconnection or camera problem Long distance connection up to 100m on UTP Cat 5 Door strike can be connected to camera or monitor for increased security
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Analogue Intercoms
Quadro    IP    PBX     allows    you    to    integrate your    traditional    PSTN    line    wth    IP,    and      operate   from   a   home   or   office   environment with   the   ability   for   users   to   be   distributed across    the    globe.    The    Quadro    IP    PBX range   is   scalable   from   small   or   home   office environments    to    large    enterprises.    The Quadro    series    hosts    auto    attendant    with interactive   voice   response   (IVR),   call   que, simultaneous    ring,    extension    status,    call pick-up,   call   hunt,   three   way   conferencing, voice   mail   to   email,   call   blocking,   caller   ID hiding,   do   not   disturb,   intercom,   auto   redial, speed dial plus much more. 
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Vigor IPPBX 2820n  
IP PBX Systems! Integrate PSTN with VoIP Enable advanced features and services Enjoy voicemail to email Integrate with IP based intercoms Least cost calling  Enable video calling Increase your phone capacity by integrating VoIP Upgrade your old Telephone to all Ethernet
Features and benefits of IP PBX Systems. by 3cx
All in one VoIP PBX ADSL Firewall Router Vigor IPPBX 2820n integrates IP-PBX, ADSL, router, firewall, switch, Wi-Fi and VPN! Vigor IPPBX 2820n by Draytek allows you to integrate your traditional PSTN line with IP based systems including VoIP and video over IP. The all in one unit integrates all the necessary components to support a small business, including fax functionality, voicemail to email, PBX functions, Wi-Fi,   Ethernet switch, ADSL, ISDN, WAN for third party modem connection such as NBN Co NTD or cable modems, USB port to store voice mail fax and virtual drive. Virtual Private network function enhances accessibility and remote working environments to share resources. We have tested this product with Bria on IPAD3 and Samsung Galaxy tablet 2, Grandstream GXV3175, Helios IP intercom door stations and recommend this product for certain small office  and business enviroments. Processing performance greatly increases quality of experience by better managing VoIP traffic with QoS and general Ethernet data packets.   Some of the features listed are:
Up to 30 VoIP Extensions (local or remote) Up to 6 SIP Trunks & 20 Channels FXO Port (Analogue Line Interface) Voicemail with personal user messages Remote Access to Voicemail Trunk/SIP Budget controls T.38 Fax support on analogue extension Hunt Groups Call queuing Call Diversion/Transfer IVR (Voice Auto- Attendant) Now multi-level Two ISDN2e Interfaces (4 channels) Analogue Phone Interface (with POTS failover) Free Windows Softphone  Ideal partnered with the VigorPhone 350  Optional VigorCare Available
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