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Solar chargers
Complete Solar Powered - Security/ Burgular Alarms from $800
Choose between NESS or DAS security alarm systems to solarize, including  Morningstar Solar Charger, from 40W Panel and 12V-14Ah battery with mounting box A complete solar powered system that can be professionally monitored or self monitored. Great for homes rental properties, caravans, cabins and buildings that do not require the mains power to be on at all times. A range of sensors including pet immune types may be used to increasingly reduce the risk of false alarms.  
NESS SG3 complete solar package Includes NESS SG3 Alarm with inbuilt GSM Dialler, 2 Remotes and external Siren Strobe, 20 Watt Solar Panel Fantastic for Holiday Homes, Cabins, Caravans with good GSM phone coverage.
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