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Satellite TV Installations is part of Pro-eye Comms & Security We provide installation, analysis, and solutions for the reception of satellite TV programs that can be received from geo-stationary satellites. We install a range of free to air (FTA) or subscription based satellite TV equipment to cater to an increasing range of programs including English and non English content. For example, European content includes Italian, Spanish, Greek, Asian and Indian content. Common satellite TV installations range from 60cm to 2.4 meter dish antennas, subject to the frequency and location of the satellite broadcast.  For more information about Satellite TV, click on the above Satellite TV tab, which lists information such as pricing, satellite chart, equipment, permit requirements where applicable, and links to Italian satellite packages. For more information about Pay TV content, click on the links under the Satellite TV Broadcasters column.   When it comes to setting up your satellite TV system: we install it, we show you how to use it, we provide you from 12 months to 3 years warranty on parts and labour. We are not the cheapest around, because we install quality satellite TV systems that are built to last, are more robust, and they cost a little bit more. We are not interested in providing cheap products either, as it creates hassles for our clients resulting in equipment failures, and it can be more expensive to end-users in the long term! We're in the business of providing quality parts and service, reliability, with a customer focus to achieve great user experience, which saves you money in the long run! We have been in the business in Telecommunications, internet and security since 1999. We draw on our combination of technical knowledge, experience, and qualifications to ensure the job is done right the first time! Give us a call on latest pricing and specials.  
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