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A commercial Melbourne restaurant  with a mass of illegal and unsafe cabling. Digital TV picture was pixelating, caused by loose antenna and elements. Satellite dish pole mounted through  asbestos eave. Dangerouse practice cutting through asbestos. Unmaintained dishes rust and become increasingly unsafe. Pay TV, Satellite, and TV cable illegal and unsightly. Unsuitable anchoring, creating water leak risk through roof sheeting.
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Dangerous and illegal cabling
Bad TV reception by broken TV Antenna
Poor Satellite Dish Installation
Rusting Dish
Poor Cabling practice
Risky roof top installation
Rust Developing LNBF
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You get what you pay for! Bad, poor, incorrect, and illegal installations increasingly put owners, occupiers, tenants at risk of safety, harm and loss. We receive feedback from clients that some of our competitors can install the same item at a cheaper price. Fact: Antenna structures including satellite dish’s require ongoing maintenance. Unmaintained satellite dish’s break down sooner and can become dangerous. Is your satellite dish safe?
Closer look at poor anchoring methods, clients need to be aware of.
                   Poor Roof Install
Conduit saddles screwed into to the roof sheet valley. Client had water leak problems into their home theatre room.
Risky installation
To the untrained eye, many installations may appear to be suitable. It is when a problem occurs, residents become aware of a poor, bad or illegal  installation.  What we discovered with many installations, other installers had cut corners, by using poor quality products, or the install was bad, if not illegal. We entirely agree, they are cheaper, for what benefit? We won’t compete with dodgy installers, because we strive to maintain a good reputation in installing quality products that will save the client in the long run by doing it right the first time. In most cases, you get what you pay for!
We were undercut by a competitor that installed this $150, antenna installation. The tennant then called us to analyse poor TV reception and pixelation,because the orginal installer didn't respond any longer.
Bad TV reception from new TV Antenna Pointing Into Brick wall