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The    EnviR    by    Current    Cost    is    a    great    tool    with    the following features and functions. Intuitive and easy to understand Enter electricity tariffs (two can be entered) Optional   additional   current   probes   for   three-phase measuring Measures   temperature,   which   is   a   useful   tool   for analysing   temperature   controlled   devices   such   as fridges, air-conditioners The    display    screen    is    mains    powered,    it    uses under 1 watt, or less than $1 annually to operate The   transmitter   is   powered   by   two   D-size   batteries (included),    which    provide    up    to    seven    years continuous operation Signal    range    is    up    to    50    metres,    employing 433.92MHz FM data transmission Data    can    be    downloaded    to    your    computer    or uploaded    to    online    services    using    the    optional cabling or Ethernet Bridge device The   monitor   stores   up   to   seven   years   of   monthly kWh consumption data (90 days for daily kWh) Available      are      additional      optional      individual appliance      monitors,      to      separately      monitor household   item   usage   or   the   energy   created   from solar power system
How   much   power   are   you leaving   on   while   asleep   or away from home? How   much   does   your   air conditioner,   fridge,   TV,   or computers cost to run? Are your utility bills high? Want      to      identify      the optimal   temperature   range to   set   your   air-conditioner or ducted heating? An     energy     monitor     can inform          about          your electricity    use,    up    to    the moment,       hourly,       daily weekly, or monthly. 100    Watts    of    continuous energy   use   equates   to   2.4 kilowatt    hours    (kWh)    per day.   At   a   rate   of   30   cents per   kWh   =   72   Cents   per day    or    $64.80    every    90 days. 
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It is difficult to understand how to reduce your running costs unless you have the tools to measure it, and analyse the data, but some of the following tips can help you save money. Reduce   hot   water   heater   level.   Some   people   set   their   hot   water   system   to   heat at   maximum   level,   which   could   be   70   degrees   Celsius.   The   higher   the   hot   water temperature,   exponentially   increases   the   amount   of   energy   required   to   maintain the   water   temperature,   especially   in   the   winter.   One   of   the   reasons   of   maintaining hot   temperatures   in   hot   water   is   to   reduce   the   risk   of   bacteria’s   and   Legionnella. Maintaining    high    hot    water    temperatures    also    increases    the    risk    of    scalding, especially    to    children    and    the    elderly.    According    to    the    Canadian    Journal    of Infectious    diseases ,    it    is    safer    to    reduce    the    water    temperature    to    49    to    50 degrees   Celsius.      Check   with   local   authorities   about   the   safe   temperature   to   set your   water,   to   ensure   you   don’t   create   a   bio-risk   such   as   legionella,   but   take advantage of savings by reducing the temperature, and reducing the risk of burns. Reduce    your    indoor    heating    temperature,    in    the    winter.    Reduce    the temperature   to   your   heating   or   air-conditioning   system   anywhere   between   17   to 20   degrees   Celsius   and   wear   a   jumper   in   the   winter.   Many   people   set   their heating   systems   up   to   25   degrees   Celsius.   The   greater   the   difference   between   the indoor    and    out    door    temperature    will    exponentially    require    more    energy    to maintain the indoor temperature. Replace, old thermostats, they cause more energy waste Old    bi-metal    type    thermostats    cause    heaters    and    air-conditioning    systems    to maintain   temperature   in   the   premise   with   large   temperature   swings   ranging   from        3   to   5   degrees   Celsius.   The   large      temperature   variations   causes   the   occupants   to feel   cold,   therefore   they   raise   the   temperature   to   compensate.   Also   inaccurate under-reading     thermostats     cause     users     to     heat     up     the     home     at     higher temperatures,   therefore   using   more   energy.   New   digital   thermostats,   especially the    energy   star   rated   thermostats    can   better   manage   the   indoor   climate,   reduce large    temperature    fluctuations,    and    employ    programmable    features    that    allow users   to   optimise   settings   and   climate   conditions   throughout   the   day   and   night, saving you money. Replace the old fridge Old   fridges   can   be   highly   in-efficient   and   use   large   amounts   of   electricity   to   cool the    contents.    As    the    refrigerant    levels    drop    from    general    use,    the    fridge compressor   works   harder   and   uses   more   energy   to   cool   the   contents,   to   the   point where    the    fridge    gas    is    completely    gone.    Check    and    replace    old    in-efficient fridges.
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Electricity Usage. There   are   a   range   of   products   out   in   the   market   place   that   can   effectively   assist   in   measuring   and   monitoring   electricity   usage.   We   recommend   and   use the   Current   Cost   EnviR   series   meters   from   Smart   Now,   as   they   provide   simple   up   to   the   moment   electricity   use,   which   employs   wireless   technology   to transmit the information to the supplied LCD monitor, that can be plugged in anywhere in your home or office. The   EnviR   can   also   be   supplied   with   an   Ethernet   interface   so   energy   use   and   temperature   can   be   transmitted   to   Current   Costs   web   application   for   daily monitoring.   EnviR   enables   you   to   effectively   monitor,   analyse,   and   make   adjustments   to   reduce   your   electricity   use,   identify   devices   which   consume   too much   energy,   or   identify   items   due   for   replacement   such   as   old   fridges,   and   identify   devices   that   can   be   optimised   or   better   managed   such   as   TV’s,   air- conditioning, or standby sources using lots of power. We   have   been   using   the   EnviR   since   May   2010   and   have   reduced   our   energy   use   by   an   average   of   20%,   because   we   were   able   to   monitor   and   make adjustments. A Melbourne Company learned to saves up to $3000 per year by using the EnviR meter, Blog by  
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